Brochures or booklets?

I just had a friend ask me about how we connect people at ResLife…

How does Res keep everyone informed of all the ministries/opportunities at the church? The church I’m part of now wants to make cards for each ministry so people can choose whatever interests them but it’s too expensive to do it that way.

Do you guys just have one big brochure or do you do one for each ministry? Any feedback/tips would be greatly appreciated!

We’ve toyed with this in several ways. We’ve done the individual ministry brochures, and we’ve done the one book with everybody’s info.

Currently, we’re moving away from the individual ministry brochures because of the time, printing and effort involved with those. Using our “Get Connected” booklets we provide people with a complete list of our ministries, departments, pastors, etc. This is updated about every four months.

For our small groups we have a booklet called “Get ResLife” that has our life groups listed. We also have these listed online.

During our “Connection Expo” this weekend, we are making our first big push that is taking us away from the individual brochures we used to have. What we’re doing is providing each ministry with a bookmark that features their area. During the Expo, they will be chatting with people and then placing the bookmark in the booklets at the page that gives the full info about our group/ministry. The idea is that instead of giving people a bunch of brochures, we’ll give them one booklet but mark the pages that they were interested in so they can follow up with that later.

It’s something we’re always tweaking, but we’re giving this route a try…

Hope this helps!