Helpful codes for Tigo in Guatemala

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Here are some of the cellphone codes that I use regularly with my Tigo phone:

Check Voice Mail

Dial *77  to check messages (Press 3 to delete messages, 7 to listen again, and 5 to save the message for later)

Check Your Balance

Dial *256 to check your balance (You’ll hear three balances: 1) Your total balance. 2) Your principal balance (actual money you have on your account, and 3) Your promotional balance.  Then you’ll hear the date that your promotional balance will expire unless you add money to your account.)

Transfer Balance

Dial *327 to transfer money to another Tigo phone or modem.

Here’s the way to do it:

Type *327*[insert the 8 digit phone number of the receiving device here]*[insert the balance amount you want to transfer here]#

For example, if I wanted to transfer Q100 to my modem from my cell phone I would type:


Press SEND

You’ll receive a message asking if you want to send Q100 to 50552828. Reply to this message with 1 for yes and 2 for no. Processing is usually very quick but could take some time.

Keep in mind you can only send balances that are ORIGINAL balance amounts (you can’t transfer promotional balances. Also you must use amounts that are standard amounts for recharging the phones (5, 10, 25, 50, or 100)

I use this transfer option to transfer my original balance from my phone to my Tigo Modem because I can keep the promotional balance (think Triple Day bonus balance) on my phone and put the original Q100 on my modem for internet.