The Importance of Intercultural Communication Skills

Why Intercultural Communication Skills are Important to Me

I have often heard people say, “The world is getting smaller.” Yes, in a sense it is true more people are coming into contact with different people as travel and communication across the globe increases Since each of us will, no doubt, be coming into contact with someone from a culture different from our own, it is necessary for us to be able to communicate.  If we are unable to communicate with other cultures, we will become completely centered on our own culture and miss out on the blessings and ideas found in other cultures.

Intercultural communication is important to me, not only to gain from other cultures, but so I can understand others better.  Each person I meet has different backgrounds and a culture different from my own.  Whether as part of an occupation or in a friendship, understanding differences in culture helps me to be more understanding and enjoy the value of our different qualities.

In the future, I intend to work among different cultures both abroad and in the United States.  I plan for my work an to be that of a Christian photojournalist.  As a writer and photographer it is important for me to be able to communicate with many different people and understand them as well.  Especially in situations involving international cultures, I need to find ways to relate one culture to many others.  In an interview, I must be able to understand that person’s culture enough to ask questions so my article will correctly relate the person and their life to my readers.  In a sense, the job of any journalist is to share one’s culture and experiences with others. My goal as a Christian is to share the love of Jesus Christ with those I meet and use the talents God has given me to do this.  Part of my goal as a photojournalist is to share the story of missionaries and people who are ministering the love of Jesus Christ with others and encourage them to do the same.

Since these goals will definitely take me into various cultures, I feel it necessary to learn how to communicate to other cultures now. I do not want to be thrust blindly into a cross-cultural situation where it will be very important to communicate effectively.  Even when using a translator to cross the language barriers, I want to have the advantage of knowing how to be a more effective communicator in any cross cultural situation.

As the “world gets smaller” and with the ideas I have for the future involving many different cultures, I want intercultural communications to be a strong point in my life