TESL: Vocabulary Technique Activity

Level: Beginning to intermediate

Materials needed: Sets of 6+ items from definable locations (i.e. a fork, knife, spoon, napkin, plate, cup, etc. representing a dinner setting.)  Like dinner settings, the kitchen, a classroom, etc.

Time: 7-12 minutes

Purpose: Provide hands on practical learning of vocabulary which will be usable to the student. Emphasis on aural/visual recognition.

Technique:  The teacher will set the items before the students and let them  handle each piece while she describes the place these items would be found (dining table, etc.).  Then the teacher gives the word for each item and they repeat.  The teacher may then ask the students to pick up the item she names to check their comprehension.

Variations:  Teacher holds up an item and the students provide the names. The items are put away and students draw the item after the teacher names each one. Items from each set may be mixed later on to confirm comprehension.

TESL Technique Exercises #3: Word-a-Day


Level: Any

Materials Needed: Students need a notebook set aside for this ongoing exercise.

Time: 15 min. exercise

Purpose: To allow students to build vocabulary in a useful manner by putting it to use in writing skills.  Students should learn to express themselves and ideas about their surroundings. Also this exercise makes writing a consistent but fun part of their learning. This could be a good starter to open each class session. Continue reading