Improve on the important things

I think APAD has an excellent point when it comes to self improvement.

I feel like photographers can really get caught up in tinkering with all the marketing material and periphery that goes along with being a professional photographer because, let’s be honest, it’s quite difficult to “improve your craft” and a lot easier to improve your letterhead. via APhotoADay Blog.

We can spend a lot of time improving our packaging but fail to improve our product. This builds great expectations among our customers but can lead to dissapointment if our actual product isn’t up to par.

It’s kind of like buying a boxed tube of toothpaste at the store. I expect the tube inside to be roughly the size of the box. When I open it and find that there’s a spacer inside to keep a small tube of toothpaste from rattling around, it doesn’t matter to me that the label said the right number of ounces. I still fee wronged because I thought I was geting more.

It’s fine to improve your marketing and packaging, but never neglect improving your product. It’s better to have your clients go away thinking they got more value than they expected than have it be the other way around. Why? Because people share their experiences. When something underwhelms or overwhelms them, they tell others, and word of mouth markeitng is one of the most powerful marketing tool around.

What are you doing to improve your craft/product today?