International Health Insurance for Expatriates

We live abroad and we want international health insurance for our family. While companies that provide international health insurance are many, we wanted something that provided some key options:

  • Reasonably good coverage (of course!)
  • Maternity coverage
  • A track record of good service to customers (see reviews)
  • A high deductible option,
  • Coverage inside and outside the U.S.,
  • Inexpensive, money-saving rates

We searched around, talked to fellow expatriates and discovered some options. Below is a break down on what we found.

(UPDATE!) After reviewing a number of options, we chose to go with IMG  but after a good year and a half of using them they increased their costs for the maternity rider by some 60%. So we dropped them and switched to a Guatemalan insurance that includes coverage in the States for when we visit. Now we use Seguros GyT.

International insurance options we checked out:



Global Medical Insurance from IMG (International Medical Group) Continue reading

Getting a deal on healthcare costs

Sonya Weiss gives a number of good suggestions on how to save money when it comes to health care costs….

Never take a bill at face value, especially if it’s a large hospital bill. Errors are more common than you think. If you notice a mistake, ask for an audit.If you can pay cash to pay a hospital bill and the bill is a large one, the hospital will give you a better rate. Some will even cut the amount in half. But you won’t get that savings if you don’t ask. Some pharmacies keep coupons and discount cards given to them by drug companies beneath the counter in a binder. Ask for a discount coupon or card.

Read her article at  no_health_insurance.