Leadership Development among Navajo Youth


The Navajo Indians of the southwestern United States are continually adapting to the societal changes that have faced them over the centuries. This document is a description of Navajo society, an exploration of community development as a viable tool for Christian ministry, and a project outline for leadership training and Christian discipleship as a means to empower the Navajo youth. Skills taught are leadership, workmanship, interpersonal relations, as well as life fulfillment through Jesus Christ in today’s society. The community addressed in this document is the Shiprock Agency in the northeast portion of the Navajo Reservation. Continue reading

Guatemalan Tips

This is a quicklink page directing you on to resources I’ve put together on how to get things done in Guatemala. Feel free to comment on the individual pages if you have updates or ideas from your own experiences! Baby … Continue reading

US Citizen born in Guatemala = Paperwork

If you’re an expatriate and you’re having a baby in Guatemala, be ready for some paperwork. It takes work, but it’ll be worth it. As new missionaries in this beautiful country, we moved to Guatemala while we were pregnant and … Continue reading

Residency papers for expatriates in Guatemala

As new missionaries in Guatemala, we needed to get our residency papers so we didn’t have to leave for Mexico every six months and still be legal in Guatemala. Here are some of the things we wish we had known … Continue reading