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Camera+ is my new favorite App for the iPhone. ($1.99)

I’ve been using the standard camera option on my iPhone 3GS. It was handy but nothing fancy and with pretty much no options or editing capabilities. Camera+ has so many options, filters and editing tools built right in that it turns your iPhone camera into a photo machine that gives you customized images that look awesome!


Fresh bean dip

Easy to use and great additional features for your iPhone camera including zoom, filters, self-timer, and more! Many options are available without paying more than the basic 99 cents. (There are additional features available for additional costs but they’re just more filters.)

Things I love about it:

  • Quick button response — The Camera+ App provides quick response times. When you push the shutter button…the photo is taken. What a concept!
  • Timer — Want a photo of yourself? Camera+ includes a self timer with audible warning. There are 5 second, 15 second and 30 second timers available.
  • Cropping — Get just the good stuff when you crop down the image as you desire. Options allow you to keep a variety of ratios or crop freestyle.
  • Borders/Frames — This option really makes your presentation look good before you post your images out to your friends. Includes a variety of options to choose from
  • Filters — One of my favorite things… I really like the options that are provided. From antique looks to HDR and limited depth of field , cross processing and more, this App provides a wide selection of filter effects that can be expanded (paid service).
  • Sharing —  With Camera+ it’s easy to share your favorite images via Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, or by emailing the image size of your choice to your friends.

Other key features:

Split focus/exposure — A handy way of getting the exposure and focus right where you want them. May take some tweaking, but a nice feature. Touch and hold one point for focus and add a second touchpoint for your exposure spot. You can move these locations around once the icons are on the screen.

Shooting modes — Pick a mode that fits your scene. A wide variety of settings helps you pick the right scene. You can even make pretty amazing mode changes after the photo is shot!

Digital Zoom — 0 to 6x digital zoom so you can get the shot you want! It’s digital so it degrades some, but still a nice addition.

There is a lot more to this app, so get it on your iPhone and start discovering! Comment and let me know what you think of it!



Not much to say here…I just wish they include video as an option with the same filter effects. I’m guessing that may take more processing power than they want to pull.

Here’s a slideshow from Flickr’s Camera+ App Pool so you can see what other Camera+ officiants are doing: