Doxie scanner review

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We’re moving out of the country and tax season is fast approaching. After a conversation with my CPA, I realized that I’m going to need a way to easily scan in documents for e-mailing and such.

After searching the internet, visiting the local Best Buy, Staples and box stores, I finally found what I was looking for in a scanner. My criteria…:

  1. Must be small in size so I can pack it in wherever I go.
  2. Must be easy to use
  3. Must be able to generate quality scans
  4. Must play well with Macs
  5. Must be a space-saving device for travel

When I came across the amazing Doxie scanner for documents I decided that I’d give it a try despite it’s cutsie pink hearts. Besides, I had two days  before my flight and didn’t have any better options. Thankfully, I’ve not been disappointed.

I ordered the Doxie on and had it shipped overnight to my hotel so it was waiting for me when I arrived. The creative packaging and easy setup were impressive. Here’s my review:

Simple Startup

Easy instructions make Doxie an easy scanner to setup. Just download the application and install. There is a quick calibration with provided calibration sheet then you’re ready to scan your own color or black and white documents at up to 600 dpi resolution.

Doxie's screen shot


The scan window easily lets you select what resolution you want and gives you the ability to scan your document or photo to the cloud, to a specified program on your computer or to save it directly. With documents I usually scan and send it directly to Adobe Acrobat Pro then run OCR and save it for easy recall in the future. It would be nice if Doxie came with OCR but I already had Adobe and the increase in cost would have probably kept me away from this little gem of a scanner if it included OCR software.


It’s simple! Open the Doxie application, insert the document facedown, choose the resolution and mode (color, grayscale, or b/w) and scan away! There are quick modes you can select to chose documents or photos.

It takes about 30 seconds for the Doxie to scan a b/w document at 400 dpi and for it to complete processing it. It’s not speedy, but if you’re going to scan reams of paper  you’re going to want a different option that has a page feeder anyway. Remember…this is a travel mini scanner not a bulk speed scanner.

When the image comes up you can select to send the document or photo to a program on your computer or save it as a PNG, JPG, or PDF file or post it to the cloud through Doxie’s own free web sharing service or post it to web applications like Google Docs, Picnik, Flickr, Scribd, Twitter, Evernote, or your other favorite web apps. (You must configure these on Doxie first.)

Document Preview on Doxie screenshot


Well, now I’m living in Guatemala and I’m pleased to say that Doxie is serving me well. I definitely recommend you overlook the cutsie hearts and give this handy scanner a try. We use it for documents, receipts, and more!

This scanner is only $149 and offers an inexpensive and small option for someone who travels a lot. It is also powered by it’s USB connection so you don’t have to keep track of power cords.  The ability to scan with so many options and the ease of use make this a great package for the traveler with scanning needs. If you want a slightly cheaper option that looks very similar, check out the Brother DSMobile Scanner (DS-600). I don’t know how easy the Brother software is, but it is a few bucks cheaper on the price tag.

Oh, if you don’t like the hearts, Doxie will send you  a free pack of Doxie skins in zebra, flannel, and plain black if you e-mail them your order number at [email protected]. While supplies last.

Technical Specs

• Color/grayscale paper scanner, up to 600 dpi resolution
• Document/photo slot with automatic page detection
• Free scanning/cloud sharing software at
• For Mac OS X 10.5 or later, or Windows XP/Vista/7
• USB 2.0 connected and powered
• From business card up to 8.5×14” (includes A4 / U.S. letter and legal sizes)
• Scans at 12 seconds per page (200 dpi grayscale)
• Saves as PDF, JPEG, and PNG
• Automatic image adjustment
• Send directly to web apps like Google Docs and Evernote
• Scan photos directly to iPhoto, Picasa, & Flickr
• Works with local apps like Acrobat, Quicken, and more
• OCR and photo editing via apps like Google Docs and Picnik
• Free Doxie Cloud PDF sharing service
• Multi-action heart button
• 11.5” wide by 1.6” tall by 2” deep
• 10.9 oz (306 g)
• Leatherette case and USB cable included

See more about Doxie on the Doxie webpage.