Preview of the Nikon D7000: Full HD Video with control

The Nikon D7000 (Photo: Nikon USA)

Nikon is raising the bar for DSLR video

Nikon has announced another new gem in the video-capable DSLR with the new D7000.

When I reviewed the D3100 I predicted more was on the way and Nikon has delivered! Due to ship in October, the D7000 adds the controls and pro lens capabilities the D3100 was lacking. At $1199 this looks like just the tool to put in modern photojournalists bags.

This mid-level model is the second Nikon to have full high definition (1920 x 1080 pixels) recording capabilities and active auto focus during video recording — something Canon doesn’ yet offer.

Here’s a rundown of Nikon’s latest:


  • 16.2 megapixel DX format CMOS sensor for sharp images and great prints
  • 3-inch monitor screen
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) video recording with active auto focus
  • Up to 6 frames per second in sweeping 100 image blasts
  • 39 point auto focus
  • ISO sensitivity from 100 – 6400 expands up to ISO 25,600 equivalent (Hi2)
  • Dual SD card slots for longer shooting or splitting RAW, jpeg, and movie files
  • 100% viewfinder view
  • Lots of regular Nikon features included like:  Image processing, In-camera editing, pop-up flash, etc.

There are lots of  previews out there reviewing the D7000, so I’m going to cover the features that attract me to this camera and let Nikon give you all the tech specs


Full HD Video

1,920 × 1,080 (24p); 24 fps

1,280 × 720 (24p); 24 fps

1,280 × 720 (30p); 30 fps

640 × 424 (30p); 30 fps

Video Recording Pixel Size and Frame rates for Nikon D7000

This camera has me looking at photo hardware I have and trying to see if I could sell enough to get this one! Having ability to shoot Full HD on a mid-range Nikon DSLR gives photographers, especially photojournalists,  a new tool for those  spot news events that you need in both video and stills.  I also am very pleased with the H.264 recording in the .mov file that allows for editing in camera or in your video editing tools . I’m curious about how long the batteries will hold out with live view, video recording and active auto focus all going at once when someone’s videoing!  A built-in mic provides easy recording but for improved sound an additional mic may be needed.

Lens compatibility

With the D7000 Nikon re-embraced their lens compatibility that they sadly lost on the D3100. I’m happy to see that my D AF Nikkor lenses will fit on and be fully compatible with the D7000.

The D7000 (Nikon Photo)

Control placement

This fixed my complaints about  their low-range cameras, by adding back the index dial and keeping a lot of control at the finger tips instead of buried in a menu. They even added two user designated settings on the Mode Selector Dial ready to switch settings over to your favorite.


Nikon says the price point will be $1200, but current price for the D7000 is $1499 at Amazon.


My hope for Nikon is restored! I really like what I see here with the D7000 and hope to get to try one out soon! Hmmm…what else do I have around here that I can sell?