Guatemalan mission outreach

Eight days after a volcano erupted and a storm released mud slides and flooding in Guatemala, a team of 15 people from Resurrection Life Church was on the ground and ready to help.

The team worked along-side the residents of homes that had been swamped with mud. Shoveling and scraping, they cleared mud from three homes, a school and from around a church. They also shared the Gospel and distributed tracts and food for the people.

“The people paid attention to our message not just because we had some gifts for them, but because we spent time working right along side them to help them get their village back from the mud and to show that God loves them,” team leader Michael Shead said. “While many seeds were planted in the village, we saw children respond to Jesus at a school outreach and even had one man on the street accept Christ after just a short conversation.”

This team mixed manual labor with medical assistance, ministry outings to a school, home visits, and a prayer visit with patients at a public hospital.

“Seeing the team serve so well together was a reminder of how we can work together for the Lord wherever we are,” Shead said. ” I want to do this more!”