Make Informed Decisions Survey Results

We had 401 responses on paper survey cards that we gave to individuals all over the church and at church events. These responses came from a variety of ages, areas, and involvement levels. Almost all responses were acquired on site except for a group of 55 years and older who filled out response cards while on a bus trip.

1 ) Event/class/location you are at right now?

Various groups with age ranges from teens up to retirees

How You Heard

2 ) You heard about this event/class from…?

30 percent — bulletin

26 percent — another person

16 percent — from an announcement

Do you have Internet at Home?

3 ) Do you have e-mail and internet at home? (dial-up or high speed?)

69.9 percent said they have high speed internet at home

13.3 percent said they have dialup

16.8 percent said they have no

How Often do You Check Your E-mail?

4 ) How often do you check your e-mail?

70 percent said they check their e-mail daily or more than daily

Best Way to Get Info to You?

5 ) What’s the best way for you to get info?

48 percent indicated that email is the best way to get info to them

15  percent — Phone

14 percent — Mail (letters)

8 percent — Bulletin

6 ) What’s the worst way for you to get info?

35 percent — Phone

27 percent — Mail (letters)

19 percent — Email (this almost matches the number of people who don’t have email/internet at home. See question #3)

7 ) When looking for something to do, where do you find out what’s happening?

25 percent — Bulletin

24 percent — Internet

15 percent — Friends

8 ) What type of ResLife events do you want to know about?

Answers varied from events to meetings to group activities, etc.

Online Media You Use

9 ) Check any of the following that you use: (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Text Messaging, Blogs, YouTube)

35 percent — Facebook

23 percent — Text messaging

13 percent — You Tube

3 percent — Twitter

10 ) In the past week, have you visited

56.8 percent — No

43.18 percent — Yes

This survey of about 5 percent of our weekly congregation gave us some clearer understanding of where our congregation was as a whole when it comes to communication, media and tools they’re currently using to get information.

We plan to administer this survey or a very similar one this year to see how things have changed and to see how effective some of the new ways we decided to use media really turn out to be.