Polaroid Instant Film is Reinvented

From http://www.the-impossible-project.com/

Polaroid Instant Film…that loveable instantly (well actually a few minutes to see the what the chemicals have been doing) gratifying invention has gone the way of the glorious past…just like 8 track tapes, vinyl records, and bell bottom jeans…yet, just like revivals of the past fads seem to occur about every 20 or 30 years, Polaroid Film is not dead yet!  Artists and hobby-ists alike are probably pretty excited about this turn of events!

Polaroid, which suffered badly since the death of its inventive founder Edwin Land in 1991, could have completely lost the instant film — a whole artistic medium, pop culture icon and technological marvel in one — had the company not crossed paths with the Impossible Project’s founder, Florian Kaps, a man described as a “crazy Austrian entrepreneur.”

See full article from DailyFinance: http://srph.it/d3Yxjr

Personally, I’d given up on Polaroid’s film and gave my trusty Vivitar Slide Printer up to eBay. Now I’m wishing I’d held on a little longer!

Read more about how The Impossible Project, tries to explain just how they’ve managed to reinvent instant analog film in a story that is part innovation, part faith, part business and part dream. Read it via Polaroid Instant Film is Reinvented, Revived and On Sale This Week – DailyFinance.