Dave Black’s insightful review of the Nikon D3s

In another one of his great Workshop posts, Dave Black reviews the capabilities of the new Nikon D3s digital SLR.

A new standard of high ISO has been set and the D3s is the undisputed king. Not only are its clean High ISO levels 1 and 1/3 higher than a D3, but I believe the D3s handles the shadow areas cleaner and with more edge detail as well. The ISO setting of 6400 is now a cleaner and almost noiseless reality

via Dave Black Photography – Sports Photography Worldwide.

He says the new Auto ISO features and tight rendering at even high ISO settings make this a great camera for the photographer whether you’re on the sports field or shooting in intimate candle light at a wedding.

Check out these images from Black’s blog demonstrating detail that this camera can retain even at ISO 12,800. Pretty sweet!

Dave Black also gives some tips on how he banded two Nikon SB-900 Speedlights together to make his own powerful handheld flash. See images of the results on his blog.