Learning from Coca-cola

The reason I like Coca-Cola is because of what Coke is. It’s not so much the taste of Coke, (unless it’s made in Latin America with REAL sugar cane). It’s not even the fact that Coca-Cola is available all over the world and has one of the most widely recognized logos of all times.

Maybe it’s because my Grandma has always liked Coke, especially when it’s in glass. Even if she has to pour it out of a can, Grandma likes her coke in a glass. So, we buy the classic Coke bottles that come out around Christmas for her to enjoy.

What gets me is the brand and personality of Coke. You know, there’s the curvy bottle, catchy simple phrases like, “Always Coca-Cola” and “Enjoy” plus the fun that the Coke people seem to have with what they do. Just watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

I see examples like this and ask myself. How can I be as joyful of a brand evangelist of the things important to me as Coke is of their sugar water?