Pregnancy, Combos, and

We recently ordered some items from and it didn’t all arrive. So, I wrote to Walmart to ask for some help…

The missing bag of Combos Pizzeria Pretzels


My wife and I really like the ability to order so many amazing things through your website, we don’t order often, but when we do, it’s always been a great experience.

However, for the first time ever, something didn’t come through correctly. I’m sure it was simply an oversight somewhere along the shipping line.

You see, my wife is pregnant, and we ordered some special snacks for her to enjoy including a 13 oz. bag of Pizzeria Pretzel Combos. There’s something about those Combos that she was craving!

However, when the package arrived, the Combos were not included in the order. The other ordered items were all there. It could be that some other pregnant woman in the shipping area had those same Combo cravings, or perhaps the bag of Combos just quietly tumbled out of the shipping box into a dark corner and were forgotten by mistake, but our box was shipped without that 13 oz bag of tasty Pizzeria Combos.

While my pregnant wife doesn’t blame me for this, she would still like to have these yummy snacks if they would can arrive at the shipping address BEFORE Feb. 12. If they can’t make it by then, they won’t be deliverable to us, and our attempts to order them would all be for nothing!

For my sake and that of my wife, could you see if that can be done? If that’s not possible, please cancel them and refund the price of Combos to our account. I understand that not even Walmart can do everything perfectly (although you get really close!), and I’ll try to explain to my wife about the Combos.

Please let me know which you will do (re-send with arrival before Feb. 12, or cancel) as soon as possible so I can know what to check up on.

Thank you!

An appreciative husband

When I submitted the note above, the system automatically suggested some possibly useful links including: The “history and mission of” and “how to order custom window blinds”. I checked out these links. While ordering custom window blinds seemed like an interesting solution. I decided to go ahead and be straight forward and just stick with the question of the missing Combos. The system asked me if I still wanted to submit my note, I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

About two days after I sent this message, I received an e-mail from the family who received the shipment for us and they said that they found the Combos! There was a cooking pot in the order and it is apparently very nice…so nice that they were distracted by the stockpot and didn’t see the Combos.

So I had to write to again:

I must apologize. I had previously wrote about the Combos Pizzeria Pretzels not arriving with our order, but the family who received the items for us in Michigan* were so impressed by the Tramontina pot that they somehow overlooked the Combos that my wife was craving.
Today, I received an e-mail that said they found the Combos! So, please disregard my previous note about missing items. The Combos are no longer lost and my wife is very excited that they will arrive to us soon!
Ah! Peace once again reigns in our home due to the perfectly executed packing of yet another order. Please let your shipping team know that I apologize for blaming them for this. (Especially let any ladies who are pregnant in the shipping department know that they were indicted in error.)
We look forward to the next time we order some tasty snack from

*We live out of the country and these friends are coming for a visit so they’re bringing the items we ordered to us!

Thank  you!