Maycom Drivers License Offices in Guatemala

Maycom manages the licensing of drivers in Guatemala.

Where can you get your drivers license in Guatemala? Here’s a list of Maycom offices where you can get your license. Remember that in some departments they Maycom only visits a couple times a year so you’ll have to check for local opportunities to get your license.



Zona 9:
6 avenida 1-60 zona 9 View Map

5ª. Avenida 0-60 zona 02 de Mixto, colonia Cotió, al final de la Calzada Roosevelt View Map

Centro Comercial Metronorte, 2do. Nivel, local 402, zona 17 View Map



19 avenida 2-50 zona 1 View Map



Km. 125.5 Carretera al Atlántico, Río Hondo, Zacapa View Map



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  • A certificate of completion and driving exam from a driving school authorized by the Guatemalan Ministry of Government.

    List of official driving schools

    List of official driving schools

  • Receipt showing payment at a Banrural branch for the license duration you want. (See price list below). There are Banrural offices in each Maycom location so you can do this there.
  • Eye Exam issued by an optical clinic or professional optamologist. (Usually you can find one of these near the Maycom offices..
  • The original factura for your eye exam.
  • The original factura from the driving school you went to for the exam.
  • Your DPI Original
  • Photo copy of your DPI
  • A Boleto de Ornato paid recently

NOTE: Additional documentation may be required if you don’t have a DPI.

For details on what you need to renew your driver’s license in Guatemala go to Maycom’s official list of renewal requirements


Drivers’ licenses in Guatemala cost depends on the license duration:

Duration Cost
1 year
Q. 100.00
 2 years
Q. 185.00
3 years
Q. 260.00
4 years Q. 320.00
 5 years
Q. 390.00

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  1. How can I get up to date information on how to get a Guate Drivers License? My wife and I have retired to Guate. She has dual us/Guate citizenship, my application for permanent residency is pending. We both have valid U.S. Licenses. We are living in Panajachel. We would appreciate any information. Thank you. rs

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