Drop It To Me Tool for Dropbox

Dropbox logo

I like Dropbox.

I can automatically have files backedup on line, share them with specific customers or friends, and still maintain at least a  level of security.

Lately I ran across a need to have a easy way of letting other people send files to me when I headed up a t-shirt design contest. I needed some way for contestants to turn in their entries. That’s when I met dropitto.me, an add on for Dropbox that gives an easy entry point for people to send me files.


I found dropitto.me and discovered exactly what I was looking for. I can give people my Drop It To Me URL and they can send in their files directly to a folder in my Dropbox. I even get an e-mail notification when files are dropped off!

Ahh! The joys of apps and companion programs that play well together on the internet…for free!!!!