Auction House Social Club — Join the club

A multi-part entry from observations at an auction house. Starts here.


Joining the Club

Joining the AHSC is not difficult. Nearly anyone can do it, but it takes time-a lot of interaction and time-to become a “member in good standing.” The quest for membership at the AHSC requires the potential member to do more than stand silently and bid on a few items.auctionstuff

The potential member must share time and a part of themselves through role-playing and self expression through personal stories, a sense of humor and even through their dress. While being present is important, interaction is of greater importance at the AHSC. I found that my presence did not lead to any important relationships until I began to interact with the other members. Joining the circle of high auction society takes a combination of time, effort, and simple enjoyment of the auction shared within the fellowship of other members.


To be continued next week…

Copyright 2001 Michael Shead

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