How much am I worth?

How much you are worth is a question that only you can answer, but when it comes to your photography there will be a lot of people, friends, businesses and the like who will often under value you or just be happy to take advantage of low pricing. Photographers starting out can often undervalue themselves in an effort to not over charge. I understand this, because I did it to myself as I was learning. I charged low prices for weddings and my friends loved it. I enjoyed it too…for a while. After more than a dozen weddings and realizing that what I had to offer was really worth more than I was charging, I increased my prices to be more appropriate for the amount of time I was spending and the experience and equipment I was bringing to the shoot.

How do amateur photographers set a better value on themselves? First of all, I recommend using a calculator like the one at Editorial Photographers . It can help you have a base understanding of your prices. Once that’s established, check your conscience and see if you’re OK with charging that amount. Adjust as you need to.

While the calculator isn’t something that sets your prices, it can give you a good understanding of how much good photography is worth. If you ‘re still learning, lower your prices until you get the experience and confidence that can boost your pricing to make your hobby into something that pays not only for itself but may even become your full-time occupation.