Hacienda Real in Tecpan Guatemala


This elegant restaurant and roadside attraction provides classic dining, shopping and and a colonial style day resort all in one location.

Located on the Interamerican Highway between Guatemala City and Lake Atitlan, this resort is a great place to stop for clean bathrooms, to stretch your legs do some shopping and grab a high class meal. Check out the photo gallery for images of this nice place to visit.

Contact Info

Address: Km. 82.5 Ruta Interamericana, Tecp√°n Chimaltenango
Telephone: (502) 7774-3000
Hours: 6:00 a.m. a 21:00 p.m. SERVICIOS

Cafe Baviera, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Cafe Baviera Logo

Cafe Baviera is a quiet cafe/restaurant with several locations to choose from in Xela / Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Known for it’s European feel, cafe, and casual feel, Baviera is also the home of some great sandwiches, specialty coffee drinks and some very smooth banana shakes. Their cakes and desserts are also very refreshing to he traveler’s taste buds.

Interior at Baviera Cafe I

Often frequented by expatriates and featured in Lonely Planet, Baviera I is a great place to quietly study or strike up a conversation or discuss this city’s unique history and stories. Although, you have to be careful where you sit. If you want to study your Spanish, the upper couches are a bit more private than the lower couches. We were sitting on the lower couches when we ended up in lengthy English conversations with other expatriates when we were really there to study.

The frames of Baviera Cafe I

The downtown location (in Zona 1) has an eclectic feel with walls plastered with framed photos, posters and more depicting Guatemalan history and international imagery. Decorations also include many old memoribilia, cameras, metal banks, car parts and nostalgic radios.

Baviera Cafe II (in Zona 3) has a beautiful courtyard with seating for guests. We enjoyed taking guests to this location. It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but like many buildings in Guatemala, the exterior seldom hints at the treasure within. This location was converted from a house into a restaurant. The conversion really turned out nice.

Prices for sandwiches, crepes and salads are in the Q20-30 range and my favorite shake is Q20.

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Nais: Guatemala City’s Aquarium Restaurant

At the new and high-tech Oakland Mall in Guatemala City (Diagonal 6 13-01 Zona 10) a unique restaurant named Nais S. A. provides more than a tasty meal. This restaurant provides unique entertainment for the entire family to enjoy.

In the center of the dining space is a large saltwater aquarium 128 feet long and lively with a good-sized shark, rays, moray eel, and a variety of other saltwater fish.

This mid-scale dining experience feels top notch because of the one-of-a-kind environment. The restaurant  includes a significant menu with prices ranging from about Q42 РQ100 (US$7 РUS$13) per plate.

We dined on a large tasty burger, a chicken sandwich, fries, potato soup, and an all-you-can-drink soda for Q150 (US$ 19.97) including the tip. We didn’t try the fish.

This restaurant is great for your next family outing. Occasionally a diver passes by waving to the crowd and a glassed-in air bubble let’s adventurous diners stand inside the aquarium area for a photo with the fish or the diver. We hear it is a pretty exciting show during live feedings, but we didn’t get to observe this.

Refilling our soda with our own soda fountain wand!

Food was delivered to our table quickly and we didn’t have to stand in line. (We’ve read that people waited for more than an hour when Nais S.A. first opened at Oakland.) At first we thought the waiter was neglecting our refill on the soda. When we asked for a refill on our Sprite, he indicated a small cabinet on the wall. Inside this Coca-Cola branded cabinet was a soda fountain nozzle all for us! We could refill our soda until we were as full as the aquarium!20110422-051705.jpg
Seating on the main floor is booth style seats. On the other side of the aquarium the restaurant seating area continues with larger tables and the walls include smaller fishbowl aquariums house a number of jellyfish which are entertaining to watch.

So if you are looking for unique dining experience, Nais S. A. is the place to check out. Before or after dinner you can wander the stores of the six levels of Oakland Mall.

Bathrooms are kept clean and include a baby changing station.