La impresora instantánea Polaroid Pogo

Cuando me enteré de la cantidad de gente de otros países que disfrutamos de conseguir una impresión real de sí mismos, decidí que yo quería de una manera rápida y sencilla de imprimir imágenes cuando estoy de viaje o en un mercado. La impresora instantánea Polaroid Pogo es una gran y divertida manera para hacer copias de tus fotos favoritas cuando estás en el camino.

Con algunos ajustes, ajusto mi iPhone 3GS para imprimir imágenes directamente desde la cámara a mi Pogo. Aquí hay un enlace sobre cómo hacer que su iPhone imprima en el POGO utilizando una cuenta gratuita de Dropbox. Personalmente yo uso iBlueNova o el programa de Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing para obtener una conexión Bluetooth directamente desde mi iPhone a mi impresora Pogo. No puedo imprimir desde cualquier programa de foto, pero cuando lo guardo en el rollo de la cámara parece que funciona bastante bien.

Pogo printer

Por  18 a 23 centavos cada uno, las impresiones de  2″x 3″ (se doblan como calcomanías tambien) no son baratos, pero la movilidad de estas copias sin-tinta son bastante buenas. El papel ZINK dice que caduca, pero he leído comentarios suficientes de que no parece hacer mucha diferencia si es nuevo o viejo.

Tengo muchas ganas de utilizar mi impresora Pogo para obtener algunas impresiones agradables para repartir en Guatemala. En primer lugar, tengo que encontrar algunas buenas ofertas del Papel  Polaroid Zink para que pueda mantener esta fantástica herramienta en mi bolsa para la cámara!

Nota: Esta es una entrada en la forma que he estado usando mi impresora en Guatemala en una escuela para niños especiales!

Kids and the Polaroid Pogo Printer

Demonstrating the Polaroid Pogo Printer

I was invited to talk about computer technologies with a special needs school for children in Chichicastenango, Guatemala recently so I took my Polaroid Pogo printer with me and some extra paper. Using my iPhone 3gs, I snapped photos of the kids.

Getting the pictures with my iPhone

I use Camera+ because I like the features it has for editing then I transferred the photos over to the standard photo album by saving them and from Apple’s photo album, I sent them to the Polaroid  printer. (I jailbroke my iphone and use Cydia’s Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing to connect with the Pogo via Bluetooth.)

The kids liked hearing the quiet hum of the Pogo Printer as their faces appeared from inside this little box.

The prints made for a nice gift and a handy way to show the kids how technology can be fun!




Making a smile!
















Polaroid’s Pogo Instant Printer

When I found out how much people in other countries enjoyed getting an actual print of themselves, I decided that I wanted a quick and easy way of printing images when I’m traveling or in a market. The Polaroid Instant Pogo Printer is a great and fun way to get prints of your favorite pictures when you’re on the go. (You can buy your own Pogo Printer here.)

With some tweaking, I got my iPhone 3GS to print images straight from the Camera Roll to my Pogo printer. Here’s a link on how to get your iPhone to print on the POGO using a free Dropbox account. Personally I use iBlueNova or Celeste’s Bluetooth File Sharing program to get a straight Bluetooth connection from my iPhone to my Pogo printer. I can’t print from every photo program, but when I save it to the Camera Roll it seems to work quite well.

At 18 to 23 cents apiece, the 2″x3″ prints (they double as stickers too) aren’t cheap, but the mobility of these ink-free prints are pretty great. The ZINK photo paper says that it expires, but I’ve read enough reviews that it doesn’t seem to make much difference whether it’s new or old.

I’m looking forward to using my rinter to get some nice prints to hand out in Guatemala. First, I need to find some good deals on Polaroid Zink Paper so I can keep this cool tool in my camera bag!

Note: Here’s an entry on how I’ve been using my printer in Guatemala at a special needs school!


Polaroid Instant Film is Reinvented


Polaroid Instant Film…that loveable instantly (well actually a few minutes to see the what the chemicals have been doing) gratifying invention has gone the way of the glorious past…just like 8 track tapes, vinyl records, and bell bottom jeans…yet, just like revivals of the past fads seem to occur about every 20 or 30 years, Polaroid Film is not dead yet!  Artists and hobby-ists alike are probably pretty excited about this turn of events!

Polaroid, which suffered badly since the death of its inventive founder Edwin Land in 1991, could have completely lost the instant film — a whole artistic medium, pop culture icon and technological marvel in one — had the company not crossed paths with the Impossible Project’s founder, Florian Kaps, a man described as a “crazy Austrian entrepreneur.”

See full article from DailyFinance:

Personally, I’d given up on Polaroid’s film and gave my trusty Vivitar Slide Printer up to eBay. Now I’m wishing I’d held on a little longer!

Read more about how The Impossible Project, tries to explain just how they’ve managed to reinvent instant analog film in a story that is part innovation, part faith, part business and part dream. Read it via Polaroid Instant Film is Reinvented, Revived and On Sale This Week – DailyFinance.