Philbrook Museum

I visited the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  As I walked through the villa I couldn’t help but take note of the amazing architecture of the structure itself.  From the rotunda to the twisted columns and elaborate painted ceilings,  it was a pleasure to walk through the building itself.  And besides there is a lot of nice art work on display as well.

In the American Still-Life traveling exhibit I had little taste for the majority of the pieces because I personally don’t care for the modern style.  One smaller painting particularly caught my eye: Carpetbag Days by Priscilla Roberts was stunning.  Roberts’ oil on masonite is a dark painting with light coming from the right upper corner.  Roberts used a technique and style that created a lifelike representation of a scene from bygone days.  In the photographic like painting a clock, carpetbag, chest and a couple of other items can be seen.  I liked the simplistic yet pure style.

Another piece was Blue Blanket by a different artist.  Blue Blanket was striking in that it showed a (what else?) blue blanket on a lawn.  The artist’s shading and highlights gave the effect of a pool of refreshing water.  It was odd but I liked it.

Of the European art I like the portrait entitled “The Shepherdess”  it is simple in content but speaks loudly of  an era in Europe.

The Villa Philbrook building and grounds have an interesting history.  Designed by architects from Kansas City, Missouri; the structure and Italianate gardens were built in the 1920’s for Waite and Genevieve Phillips where the wealthy couple lived from 1927 – 1938.

Now the Philbrook is made open to the public for the enjoyment of the property and the wonderful works of art it contains.