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Honduras church service

A church service in Honduras, 2007.

La Ceiba, Honduras—Since he was a child, Wilford Dilbert, Jr., dreamed of working alongside his father to plant churches in his homeland of Honduras. That dream was nearly shattered by two bullets from a murderer’s gun.

Dilbert was in the United States studying for a future in ministry that first Sunday of 1993 when his schedule of studies and family life was interrupted by a phone call.

The message: Dilbert’s father had been shot and killed at his own front gate.

“When I got the phone call I felt like the whole world fell apart,” Dilbert said. “I felt, boy, I don’t want to go and be in the ministry anymore. It was really painful for me.”

Stunned by the news, Dilbert tried to convince his mother to join him in the U.S., but she was not about to abandon the ministry. Continue reading