Finding quality kids accessories in Guatemala

Kids Box

A large selection of cribs, playpens and car seats.

We have kids, and we live in Guatemala. That means that when we’re looking for kids toys, nursery furniture, and accessories that we would have been able to find  at our local Walmart, ToysRus or garage sale in the states, those items are much harder to come across. Thanks to some other missionary friends we found a place other than the area pacas where toys and kid equipment can be found in Guatemala City!

Shelves full of toys and kiddie accessories!

Enter the store Kids Box and your eyes will take in a large selection of kids focused toys, supplies, furniture and accessories! While we found that the prices aren’t as low as you might find at a standard paca, this place is all about kids and they have a lot of stuff that you probably can’t find elsewhere.  At this store you can get all sorts of kids toys, furniture, and baby accessories from cribs and strollers to car seats and toys galore.

Prices are close to what you’d probably pay in the U.S. but the products are already here in Guatemala! From what we saw the products being sold were new or nearly new (probably display models from the U.S.). We found a triple stroller for about $200 and a double jogger stroller for about the same price and they both looked brand new.

There are two locations in Guatemala City:

Kids Box Store Kids Box zona 10
Tel: 2363-2102, 2333-5900
23 avenida 17-61 zona 10

Kids Box Periférico
Tels: 2476-5196/04
17 avenida 24-45 zona 11
Ofibodegas El Périferico Bodega No. 1

You can visit the Kids Box Facebook page here.

Here’s another source we found for Specialty Baby Supplies here in Guatemala.

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