TESL Technique #5: Directional Survival Skills

TESL Methods & Materials

Directional Survival Skills

Level: Intermediate to advanced

Materials Needed: simple map students can write on.

Time: 20 min. exercise

Purpose: To prepare students for getting around in a city, understanding directions and/or important street signs.


1) Teacher teaches words used in giving directions:

Right   Between

Left   Across from…

Straight  Next to…

Until you get to… In front of…

Turn   Block

Corner   Traffic light

Cross   Go up/down (the street)…


2) Using the simple map:

The teacher verbally leads the students through the city to a final  destination.  As the teacher speaks the students trace the route on their maps.


1) Students can lead each other through the map using the words they just learned.

2) For advanced students the teacher may ask the student to listen before they look at the map then after the directions are given trace the route from


3) This technique can be used to teach road signs as well.  The teacher may draw in more signs then explain how to obey the prescribed traffic laws.