From heartache to hope…and beyond (ResLife Stories)

The story of Gisela Grant
From heartache to hope.

Gisela Grant’s life was a mess and she knew it.
After moving to central Canada and finding another broken relationship, she came back to Michigan and found out that when you keep running from God, something in life eventually wears out.
Gisela was in the middle of a life of “drugs, bars, and men” when she started slowing down.
“I had enough of my lifestyle,” she said. “I got down on my hands and knees and said, ‘OK, God, it’s your turn. I’m done.”
Change began, but she was about to discover what giving up really meant. Still looking for relationships, Gisela met another guy and he invited her to a singles group that met at Resurrection Life Church.
Something was different there so she decided to keep coming, but the draw of her past kept her struggling between the new life she wanted and the past that was hard to let go.
After almost a year of wavering, Gisela found herself on a hospital bed racked with a fever, kidney failure, and a body that was starting to shut down.
On that hospital bed that Gisela heard God speak to her. She needed to move out from the home she shared with her boyfriend and change the way she was living.
Taking this correction seriously, Gisela did move out. Later, she was back at a service at Resurrection Life Church and God prompted her to give Him control for real.
“God told me I never gave him my heart,” Gisela said. “I gave my life, but not control of my heart. So I went down, gave him control of my heart, life, soul, whatever else that belonged to him.”
Now facing her problems with a God-controlled heart, Gisela was determined to live out this commitment. She connected with several ministries through Resurrection Life Church and served faithfully as she learned more about growing in her relationship with God. As she learned, obeyed and served, she saw her life changing.
“I would say that I’ve changed by allowing myself to listen to God’s voice,” she said
During four years of being single and listening to God, she has found that she’s no longer filled with loneliness and heartache, but she’s filled with the hope and joy that comes from relationship with God and serving in His work.
“I would never have imagined myself being where I’m at today because I look at where I was and how God pulled me out,” she said. “There are no words to explain what He’s done for me.”


Author’s Note:

Since this story was first published in the ResLife Link Gisela has married and continues to be actively involved at Resurrection Life Church.

Gisela’s story written by Michael Shead from a description Gisela provided to Resurrection Life Church. First published in the ResLife Link.